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Unlikely Traitors
  • "A great plot and story line and the characters are strong! This is a great read for those who love suspense and mystery!" Shelley's Book Case

  • "It had good suspense, lots of suspects. Lots of drama, some action, history and a clean read." readalot

  • "This book started right off with a bang. I love books that within the first couple of pages, something is afoot. This was definitely one of those books." Girl Lost in A Book

  • "The suspense and action are wonderful and the storyline was great. I give this book a 5/5." 3 Partners in Shopping

  • "I was immediately engaged from page one, and the protagonist is skillfully revealed through the perceptions of others, and through her own actions and choice of dialogue. It is shown, not told, how ethical and moral she is. And wickedly funny..." Latte' Da!

The Serpent and the Scorpion
  • "Pre-World War I England is a seething cauldron of conflicting ideologies as Bolsheviks, suffragettes, socialists and merchants of death battle for control...Ursula Marlow's second period adventure caps its romance and mystery with a shocking climax..." Kirkus Reviews

  • "The book sweeps from the steamy bazaars of Egypt to proper English drawing rooms as Ursula battles international intrigue and her own sensuous nature. Dorothy Sayers would be proud of her Oxford sister." Rhys Bowen, Award winning author or the Molly Murphy and Royal Spyness mysteries

  • "Showing an admirable grasp of social and political history, Langley-Hawthorne closes her tightly knit tale with an unexpected twist that will leave readers impatient for the next book." Publishers Weekly

  • "Ursula Marlow is a true woman of daring; a gorgeous suffragette with the mind of Hercule Poirot and the spunk and daring of Nellie Bly. She's a perfect match against assassins, Bolsheviks, and spies in this exciting adventure laced with intrigue and romance." Suzanne Arruda, author of the Jade del Cameron mystery series

  • "The Serpent and the Scorpion is an evocative, wise, and affecting book, which also just happens to be a page turner. I can't wait to see more of Ursula and Lord Wrotham." Charles Finch, author of the Charles Lenox mysteries

Consequences of Sin
  • "This debut novel introduces an intriguing new female sleuth with broad appeal. An action-packed plot, rich period detail, and a bit of romance will insure that readers of cozies and historical mysteries will find much to enjoy." Booklist

  • "Blending historical fiction and the amateur-sleuth whodunit with a generous helping of romance, Langley-Hawthorne's first novel may surprise readers with its subtle narrative complexity. The unexpected plot twists at the book's conclusion, particularly, make Consequences of Sin a must read for anyone who enjoy's historical mysteries. The first in a projected series, featuring a tenacious - and endearing - protagonist," Paul Goat Allen (Barnes and Noble).Read the full review of Consequences of Sin at

  • "The Shakespearean quote, "The sins of the father are to be laid upon the children" (The Merchant of Venice) provide the inspiration for Clare Langley-Hawthorne's auspicious debut)...Ursula Marlow is a heroine you'll want to follow in further adventures." Bob Walch,

  • "..An engaging heroine, the lure of romance, a rapid pace and the requisite period detail." Kirkus Reviews

  • "..romance readers should appreciate the conflict between the heroine's attraction to the dark, handsome Lord Wrotham and her sense of duty to marry the man her father intended for her." Publishers Weekly

  • "..This is the best historical novel featuring a feminist heroine that I've read since Jacqueline Winspear..." Mystery Lover's Bookshop

  • "I was utterly delighted by this book. The author gives us a wonderful heroine who experiences a gamut of emotions through the novel. The reader can really see a young woman trying to buck convention, do what's expected of her, but also not letting go of her dreams."

  • "..For her first novel, Langley-Hawthorne follows in the pertly trod path set by Jacqueline Winspear. Like Winspear, she has created a winningly outspoken young woman as her main character and set her story in an age more golden than our own, in this case, the bright and hopeful Edwardian era...All in all, Consequences of Sin is more Dorothy Sayers than CSI, which isn't a bad thing at all." Joanne Sasvari for the Calgary Herald

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